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Are you finding yourself feeling stuck in life?

If you’re currently navigating through complexity, negativity, ill health, doubt, or uncertainty and feel your dreams for the future are slipping away …

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By choosing to have a coach come alongside you with support, you can finally be guided with simple tools and skills that will help you overcome your limitations, build resilience and work towards your goals.

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Sometimes stuff can get in the way of us living our best lives. We have the best intentions and try many different things but from global pandemics to broken relationships, the anxiety and stress of even just the day-to-day can oftentimes feel all too much. Somewhere along the way, we feel like it’s all become a bit messy. Amidst this chaos, we might find ourselves feeling disordered, longing for a sense of balance. It’s in these moments that we yearn for a deeper, more fulfilling existence.

That’s where we come in, helping you collect your thoughts so you can consider what it is you truly want from life and what it’s going to take to practically get there.

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As qualified mindset coaches, we offer 1:1 coaching to help you retrain your brain for lasting change so you can live out your best life. With the ability to meet online and in-person within Melbourne, we are passionate about walking with you through the journey and ensuring you have the practical support you need to facilitate the desired change.



Melissa is your Melbourne based Lightning Process Practitioner, providing a world-renowned training program that has seen thousands overcome chronic illness and mental health issues. For those who have tried everything but haven’t seen results, this is for you!


Online and In-Person

Offering both online consultations and in-person sessions at our Melbourne location, our coaches are here to support you in your journey of transformation.

Cutting Edge Research

We employ the most effective research in our methodology including Neuro-Linguistic Programming and The Phil Parker Lightning Process®.

Husband and Wife Team

With our own stories of overcoming long-term health issues and as NLP trained life coaches, we are passionate about seeing people live unlimited and abundant lives.

Burnout Transformation

I first contacted Craig when I was having deep internal conflict trying to reconcile my past with professional burnout, health, and low energy levels. Craig was professional yet extremely compassionate and sensitive towards my issues and that style of coaching is perfect for me. Within two sessions I felt a shift in my internal attitude towards the past and more hopeful about how to trust myself in the future.

Confidence Restored

My heart is overflowing with gratefulness towards Melissa. After two sessions, I do feel like a different girl. I’m blown away about how well it works!!!! I am so thankful for what she put into me. I will be eternally grateful.


Mindset Shift

My first NLP session with Melissa was a really wonderful experience. From the start Melissa was warm and supportive which made her coaching session easy to learn from. I was guided in my areas of improvement in a positive way and Melissa’s teaching was easy to understand and make effective in my daily life. 
I would highly recommend Melissa for any area of life that needs improvement in mindset because this application of mindset coaching applies to all aspects of life to make a positive change.

Dental Phobia Overcome

Melissa helped me overcome my phobia of the dentist. The dentist appointment I had two weeks after my session with Melissa went really well. I’m game now to book in the difficult crown I need! I’m so thankful for the assistance with this. I had confidence, joy and calmness throughout the appointment.


Belief Shift

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you Craig. I still don’t know how you managed to make me actually laugh out loud at some of my long-held beliefs, which I was then able to replace with new ones. You helped me see my problems from different perspectives which has enabled me to think and behave differently in order to move towards the life I want and am now in the process of creating.


Breaking Through Barriers

For me, the standout feature is Craig’s personal style, which is entirely supportive, calm, and patient. The benefits for me were palpable and numerous. He both challenged and supported me, and I felt very safe; as though I had all the time in the world to work through my own barriers- which is extremely important to me. I highly recommend him, you will not be disappointed!